Mass migration of human tribes forces the halflings of Britain to move to Ireland.

Alexander the Great becomes the first man to utilize magic in his army

The sand elf tribes of Arabia unite under a king, and start a march of conquest to establish their Arabian Caliphate

The Restless Nights

Upon the burning of the sacred tree by Charlemagne, the High Shaman of the Saxons lays a terrible curse upon the world: “May your nights seem endless, may your days be filled with anguish forevermore.” Upon his death, it was made so.

In 1066, William, henceforth known as “The Conqueror” bare up his enchantment sword, Herugrim, and drove the Beast-like men of Old England to the sea.

During the vanishing days of the year 1200, elves of america land on the shores of France, the Sunset invasion begins.

The great seal known as the “Magna Carta” is created to prevent the British Kings from gaining too much magical power again.

Dark Lord Genghis the Immortal crafts 9 rings for the western European kingdoms which corrupt the kings of Europe. He launches his invasion of Western Europe.

In 1306, as Genghis the Immortal’s armies prepare to assault the walls of Muscovy, The sun rises for the first time in 6 months. As though summoned by the sunrise, a massice host of elves from the far east cras upon Genghis’ armies, upon the walls of Muscovy Genghis is crushed, and his seemingly ceaseless rule is sundered at the cost of many elvish lifes.

In 1554 the famous oracle Nostradamus is unable to finish his book after recieving a vision of the future so terrible it stops his heart.

In the year 1557 the third Spanish Colonial expedition beats back powerful american bests to establish the first European colonial presence in America.

The Aztec empire, an empire founded by the refugees from a future apocalypse vanishes. The capital “El Dorado” is lost to the ages. (1593)

During the 1600s, the vampires begin to rule over eastern europe.

Oliver Cromwell is defeated by Charles I after Charles I reclaims the anchient Beastman sword Excalibur from the sea.

Before the pivotal battle of Saratoga, General George Washington of the American Revolt is deceived by a shapeshifter of unknown origins. Posing as his Aide de camp, the shapeshifter bade George misalign his troops. The revolutionary army was slaughter to a man, with general Washington among the dead.

In 1783, successful demonstrations of the Montgolfier brother’s “piloted balloon” paved was for air travel, and the birth of the Montgolfier Airship Co.

In 1808, The Prophet, brother of Tecumsah, Cheif of all the Plains tribes, pours his immense power into a barrier. Only the worthy may enter the realm of the plains tribes. As such, the third Hensiatic-Indian war is a draw.

Over a period of 50 years (1770-1820) the Dwarven Empire founded upon the walls of Muscovy expands to the pacific, at the expense of the elves of the far east, seemingly abandoning all ties of friendship. By 1830, a massice expanse of north western North America is firmly under Dwarvish control.

In 1836, well-known scoundrel Andrew JAckson steals an entire forge, the forge of famous smith Thomas Edison. By 1850, Jackson has discovered its use, and crafts the Jacksonian revolver, fabled for its accuracy. Nonetheless Jackson is soon lost, searching for the treasure of El Dorado.

In 1847 dwarven-american Samuel Colt comes out with his famous Single Action Army pistol design.

In 1858 the Dwarves of India submit to British rule.

In 1860, a Hanseatic explorer sets on an expidition to the Congo, only one member returns: The cabin boy. Clearly mad, babbling about talking, and even walking, trees.

In 1861 dwarf Alexander Petrovich declared the Vampire Tsars false, and the dwarvish revolt begins.

In 1867, A french naval expidition in the Pacific reports sights of a sunrise and an island on the horizon, deep in the night season. Although the sight was lost, hope is found for the end of the Restless night.

In 1867, Elvish American minstrel Georgio Faluoza coins the term “yee haw.” This phrase catches on quickly throughout the american west.

In 1869, Samuel Morse invents the telegraph. While long distance instant communication had once been limited to the very rich through powerful mages, it is now slowly becoming more accessible throughout North America.

Present day:

The tiefling Ulysses S Grant is appointed governor of the American Colonies. A long time Aristocrat, his appointment is not well received by the Colonies.

Baltic humans “accidentally” set fire to a Transylvanian diplomatic mission, burning the diplomats inside alive. World tensions begin to rise.

After a dispute between a rancher and an Arapho tribesman leads to bloodshed as 3 ranchers and 6 tribesmen are killed. Now kown as “The Omaha incident.” Tensions between colonists and tribesmen rise.


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